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Improved RB-HARQ scheme based on structured LDPC codes

WANG Wen-jun; LIN Yue-wei; YAN Yuan   

  1. Wireless Technical Innovation Institute, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications
  • Received:2006-11-25 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2007-12-24
  • Contact: WANG Wen-jun


Reliability-based hybrid automatic repeat request (ARQ) (RB-HARQ) is a recently introduced approach to incremental-redundancy ARQ. In RB-HARQ scheme, the bits that are to be retransmitted are adaptively selected at the receiver based on the estimated bit reliability. It could result in significant performance gain but requires huge overhead in the feedback channel. In this study, an improved RB-HARQ scheme (IRB-HARQ) for structured low-density parity-check codes is proposed, which simplifies the comparison operations needed to search the bits to be retransmitted and outperforms the RB-HARQ scheme in consideration of the bit transmission power for the requesting messages on the feedback link. Simulation results show that the IRB-HARQ scheme is more efficient and practical than the RB-HARQ scheme.

Key words:

IRB-HARQ; low-density parity-check codes (LDPC); Gaussian approximation (GA)