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Thoughts on using scientific system engineering method to develop quantum computer

Lu Jun, Luan Tian, Tang Pengju, Zhang Yuntao, An Da   

  1. China Academy of Electronics and Information Technology, Beijing 100041, China
  • Received:2022-05-08 Revised:2022-06-17 Accepted:2022-06-23 Online:2022-08-31 Published:2022-08-31
  • Contact: Tang Pengju, E-mail:

Abstract: As the traditional semiconductor complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) integrated circuit technology gradually approaches the limit of Moore's Law, quantum computing, as a new system computing technology,with the potential for higher computing speed and lower power consumption, is getting more and more attention from governments and research institutions around the world. For instance, the United States (US) government is adopting a bunch of bills to deploy new quantum information processing technology. The European Union's “quantum declaration" plans to realize customized quantum computers with more than 100 qubits in the next 10 years. The Chinese government also provides strong support for quantum computer research through the project of National Science and Technology Major Projects. In the business field, major companies such as International Business Machines (IBM) Corporation, Intel, Google, Alibaba, Huawei, Baidu, etc. , have joined the “quantum supremacy" competition in order to seize the initiative in the future information field. Facing the rapid development trend of quantum computing, we believe that we should refer to the classical computer industry in the early stage, form an industrial system, and develop the quantum computing industry. We should also use the scientific system engineering method to carry out the research and development of the quantum computer and establish the ecological environment of the quantum computer industry with the demand as the traction, so as to better serve the development of the national economy.

Key words: quantum, quantum computer, scientific system engineering, industrial system

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