JOURNAL OF CHINA UNIVERSITIES OF POSTS AND TELECOM ›› 2016, Vol. 23 ›› Issue (4): 63-68.doi: 10.1016/S1005-8885(16)60046-8

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Non-orthogonal pilot pattern for sparse channel estimation in large-scale MIMO-OFDM system


  • Received:2016-05-23 Revised:2016-07-07 Online:2016-08-30 Published:2016-08-30

Abstract: From the perspective of compressed sensing (CS) theory, the channel estimation problem in large-scale multiple input multiple output (MIMO)-orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) system is investigated. According to the theory, the smaller mutual coherence the reconstruction matrix has, the higher success probability the estimation can obtain. Aiming to design a pilot that can make the system reconstruction matrix having the smallest mutual coherence, this paper proposes a low complexity joint algorithm and obtains a kind of non-orthogonal pilot pattern. Simulation results show that compared with the conventional orthogonal pilot pattern, applying the proposed pattern in the CS channel estimation can obtain the better normalized mean square error performance. Moreover, the bit error rate performance of the large-scale MIMO-OFDM system is also improved.

Key words: large-scale MIMO, CS channel estimation, pilot pattern