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    It mainly publishes academic papers, research reports, surveys, research briefings, and degree theses in the field of communications & information systems, signal & information processing, computer software and computer theory, computer application technology, electromagnetism & microwave technology, microelectronics & solid electronics, control theory and control engineering, management science & engineering, and other related basic theories and technologies. The readerships are universities faculties and students, scientists in research institutions, and engineers and managers in enterprises, etc.

    Papers in the journal are recorded by Ei Compendex (Ei) database.

    Manuscript preparation

    Manuscripts should be in English and typed on one side of A4 size paper, double line spaced. It should be submitted online via the web site: using the “Submission Online” option (first time users should register prior to submission).

    Authors must affirm that the manuscript is written based on original research which has not been published previously and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere. This must be stated in the covering letter.

    Title and by-line

    The title should be descriptive, not full sentences. Name, affiliation (institution) of the authors, city, zip code, country, E-mail address and telephone number of the author(s) should be listed.

    Abstract and keywords

    The abstract of about 100~150 words must accompany each article on page one. It should be a concise summary of the aims, methods, results, and conclusions and/or other significant items in the paper. Together with the title, it must be adequate as an index to all the subjects treated in the paper, and will be used as a base for indexing. Avoid displayed mathematical expressions. Define all nonstandard symbols and abbreviations. Do not use footnote indicators. If a reference must be made, include it in square brackets. Summarize the experimental or theoretical results, the conclusions, and/or other significant items in the paper. If space permits, include any important new quantitative data. Summarized results should be exact, direct, and specific. The key words should include 3-8 pieces of words or phrases to serve as guidelines for indexing.


    The text should contain an Introduction that puts the paper into perspective for readers, and should also contain Methods, Results, Discussion and Conclusions. The SI system should be used for units of measure throughout the text. Each caption should be written as a single brief paragraph without indentation.

    Tables and figures should be cited in consecutive order in the text. Tables should be drawn with three horizontal lines. Tables should have titles and sufficient experimental detail in a legend immediately following the title to be understandable without reference to the text. Tables should be self-contained and complement, but not duplicate information contained in the text. Each column in a table must have a heading, and abbreviations, when necessary, should be defined in the legend. Figures (line drawings and photographs) should have titles and explanatory legends containing sufficient detail to make the figure easily understood.

    Mathematical material

    The text should make clear distinctions between physical variables, mathematical symbols, units of measurement, abbreviations, etc. Authors should use italic and boldface to identify physical or mathematical variables. Variables are to be set in normal italic, and vectors, tensors, and matrices in boldface.


    Individuals, affiliation, or other to be concerned who were of direct help in the work should be acknowledged by a brief statement.


    Only essential references (formally published journals, articles, monographs, dissertations, reports, proceedings, standards, patents, and/or electronic publications) cited in the text can be listed and must be numbered consecutively by Arabic numerals, which should be listed in the same order as cited in the text. There should be at least ten references. Periodicals should be referred to in the following order: name of author(s), title of paper, name of periodical, year, Vol. (No.): page number. Books should be referred to in the following order: name of author(s), title of book. city: publishing house, year of publication. The reference published in Chinese should be translated into English and noted by “(in Chinese)”.

    Copyright protect

    The articles published in The Journal of China Universities of Posts and Telecommunications cannot be published anywhere in any form without the written permission from The Editorial Department of The Journal ofChinaUniversities of Posts and Telecommunications.

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