Acta Metallurgica Sinica(English letters) ›› 2010, Vol. 17 ›› Issue (2): 59-62.doi: 10.1016/S1005-8885(09)60447-7

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  • Received:2009-03-02 Revised:2009-09-28 Online:2010-04-30 Published:2010-06-01


The channel state information at transmitter (CSIT) acquisition takes significant effect in the MIMO system, especially for the precoding schemes. However, it is unrealizable to acquire the perfect CSIT in practice. In this paper, an effective and practical dynamic CSIT model is introduced to acquire the imperfect channel state information (CSI). For practicability, the channel temporal and spatial correlations are taken into account. Due to these correlations, the channel estimate and its error covariance is obtain by utilizing the outdated CSI. Based on the dynamic CSIT mode, closed-form solution of Tomlinsion-Harashima precoding (THP) is derived through a Lagrangian approach. Numerical simulations are given to demonstrate the excellent performance.

Key words:

robust THP